Colorado Voters removed Democrats who Support of Gun Control (2013)

Sept. 10, 2013 
Colorado voters removed from public office Democrats John Morse & Angela Giron, for their support of gun-control laws that mandated background checks on private gun sales and limited magazines to 15 rounds.
Never forget just WHO has real the power and why ‘they’ work so hard to attempt to make us loose focus on this… Always be vigilant in defense of liberty



Illinois CCW (2013)

July 9, 2013

Illinois became the last state in the US to end prohibition of public possession of concealed guns.
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Semiautomatic Rifle Import Ban (1989)

July 7, 1989
Semiautomatic Rifle Import Ban stopped import of ‘assault style’ rifles
President George H.W. Bush signs a ban on the importation of semi-automatic assault weapons .. ..six months after a gunman armed with a Chinese-made AKM (AK47) kills six children at a Stockton, California school.

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Printz v. United States (1997)

Printz v. United States

U.S. Supreme Court case that ruled the Brady Law requirement for background checks unconstitutional (violated 10th Amendment).


National Firearms Act (1934)

June 26, 1934
National Firearms Act

President Franklin D. Roosevelt hoped this act would eliminate automatic-fire weapons like machine guns from America’s streets.
Other firearms such as short-barreled shotguns and rifles, parts of guns like silencers, as well as other “gadget-type” firearms hidden in canes and such were also targeted.
All gun sales and gun manufacturers were slapped with a $200 tax on each firearm (This was during the Great Depression; so, that would be a tax of $2,525+ today)

All buyers were required to fill out paperwork subject to Treasury Dept. approval.