Major US Gun Shows

Biggest Gun Shows in The United States

Largest Gun Shows in The United States

Shot Show

1,600 exhibitors

since 1979

Las Vegas, Nevada (since 2010)

  • Once a year in January
  • Largest Firearms Industry trade show
  • One of the largest trade shows in the world
  • 600,000 square feet
  • 62,000 industry professionals attend
  • from all 50 states
  • Attendees from 100+ countries
  • 2010 Has been in Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas Nevada. 
  • law enforcement agents and agencies, hunting gun shops shooting ranges, sporting goods stores
  • not open to the public and is restricted to commercial buyers and sellers

Wanenmacher Gun Show
Tulsa Arms Show

4,200 tables

started in 1955

Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Held twice a year March & Oct
  • 11 acre building (480,000 square feet)
  • 6 miles of tables
  • general interest exhibits, antique and modern firearms, knives, swords, accessories, collections, and celebrity guests.

Small Arms Review Show
Crossroads of the West Gun Shows

3,000 tables in Gun Show
600 tables in SAR Building

started in 2000

Phoenix, Arizona

  • 1st weekend in December Yearly
  •  Arizona State Fairgrounds
  • SAR gets more than a half a million guests yearly
  • SAR Magazine manages one building where all of the Class 3 dealers are hosted
    – 55,000 square foot SAR building
  • Hunters and avid collectors hunting, outfitters, collectors, gear, knives, accessories
  • machine guns, mounts, rifles, scopes, tactical gear, laser systems, hand guns, suppressors, destructive devices, target supplies, knives, parts kits, military vehicles, weapon & military history books, and much more
  • informal shoots and meetings that happen around the days of the SAR Show

Crossroads of the West Gun Shows provides gun show venues
– California

NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits

600 exhibitors

since 1879

  • Held once a year in
  • One of the largest shooting, hunting, and outdoor shows in the United States
  • typically 500,000 square feet
  • Different venues around the country each year
  • Every major firearm company, hunting, outfitters, collectors, gear, knives, accessories, and more

The Nations Gun Show

1,300 tables

since 1968

Chantilly, Virginia

  • multiple times per year.
  • 1 ½ miles of guns, antique firearms, knives, ammo, militaria, accessories, shotguns, modern firearms, rifles, holsters, and swords.

Las Vegas and the Antique Gun and Knife Show

600 exhibitors

since 1962

Las Vegas

 “Longest continuing running event in Las Vegas,”

  • 3 day event
  • Annual, held in January (usually)

  • 1962 Harry Mann started a small gun show at the Stardust Hotel
  • 1969 Harry Mann died, Wally Beinfeld took over as Show Producer
  • 1969, the Show was held in a 4,000 square foot room
  • 2014 Riviera Hotel’s 95,000 square feet convention center
  • Friday, May 10, 2013 Wallace Beinfeld passed (84)
    – Wally produced the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show for 51 years
  • Karen and Paul Balfour took over as Show Producer
  • cool and unique gun show
  • Las Vegas Antique Arms, International Sporting Arms and Custom Knifemaker Show
  • nothing but guns and gun-related antiques

Great American Outdoor Show

1,100 exhibitors

since 1995

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  •  nine day, annual event in February
  •  650,000 square feet 
  • 1995 – 2014 called the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show 
  • Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center
  • attendance of over 250,000
  • celebrates hunting, fishing, and outdoor traditions


started in 2017

Bellevue, Washington

  • 4 day event in July
  • include a range day and industry day open to media and industry attendees

Knob Creek

Gun Show since 1985

 900 tables

West Point, Kentucky

The World’s Largest Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Show

  • bi-annual event
  • second weekend of April and October

Lakeland Gun Show

600 tables

since 1968

Lakeland, Florida

  • Largest in southeast
  •  held three times a year
    – third weekend of January
    – first weekend of May
    – third weekend of September.
  • sponsored by Lakeland Rifle and Pistol Club 
  • military weapons, swords, knives, guns, antiques, and more
  • yes, there is air conditioning!
  • at the SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus

Westchester Collectors Gun and Knife Show

700 tables

since 1984

Marlboro, Massachusetts

  • One of the largest gun shows in the Northeast
  • held in multiple times per year
  • sporting goods, collectible firearms, ammo, knives, militaria, and antiques