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Fall Firearms Festival

September 25 @ 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm UTC+0

Fall Firearms Festival Details
This Sunday, September 25, 2022 from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Detroit Sportsmen’s Congress; 49800 Dequindre Road; Shelby Township, MI

Open to the public, no cost, no RSVP necessary



FOOD & BEVERAGE – Food & various beverages will be sold by Detroit Sportsmen’s Congress – available in the clubhouse at the north end of the property: 12:30 to 4:30 pm. Ranges will have water, coffee, and some pop available.


MCRGO MEMBERSHIPS & GEAR – MCRGO will sell new and renewal memberships at the event rate of $20 for annual membership. All three styles of MCRGO hats will also be available at the event for $20 per hat. Current MCRGO instructors may purchase instructor patches at the festival. NOTE: MCRGO & DSC membership information will be in the RANGE BUILDING.


SEMINARS – Seminars are free and require no pre-registration. They will take place in the clubhouse.


1 PM-2 PM: Modern Sporting Rifle (AR-15) Seminar

2 PM-3 PM: Elected Officials Q & A

3 PM-4 PM: Ask an Attorney

4 PM-4:30 PM: Awards Ceremony & Wrap Up


SHOOTING COMPETITIONS / EVENTS – Each shooting competition has a $10 entry fee. Please bring ear & eye protection along with your own firearms and ammunition. All shooting events will be held concurrently between 12:30 PM to 4 PM. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place medals will be awarded (except junior non-competitive events).


PISTOL COMPETITIONS / EVENTS – Each event will have adult and junior divisions – as well as divisions for both iron and optical sights. There will also be a non-competitive junior “fun” shoot stage (.22LR caliber). See GENERAL SAFETY RULES FOR ALLOWABLE PISTOL CALIBERS.


Precision Pistol: This competition simulates the rapid-fire portion of the one-handed bullseye competition (at 7yds). Starts with 5 rounds in the pistol, shooters have 10 seconds for 5 shots, then a reload for 5 more rounds, followed by a second shooting session. Most pistol calibers allowed, with either iron or optical sights. Scoring is total # of target hits.


.22 Steel: This is a short version of DSC’s monthly .22 steel plate match – 2 stages with up to 6 plates. You are allowed up to 10 rounds for each timed stage {targets missed = a 5 sec. penalty}. Best combined time of both stages is the winner. There are both Junior and Adult divisions with both iron and optic classes. Any .22 LR pistol can be used; revolver or semi-auto.


USPSA: This event simulates a short course of a USPSA Competition with a modified start. This two-handed event starts with a loaded magazine; muzzle pointed at the starting post, finger off the trigger. Shooters are timed until the course of fire is complete. Most Pistol calibers allowed, with either Iron or optic sights (red dot). Scoring is points divided by time for a hit factor.


Juniors: One pistol bay is set up for the juniors who are not able to participate in the competitive events – must be accompanied by a guardian – .22LR caliber only. There will be standard bullseye targets plus some novelty targets as a fun shoot (e.g., balloons)


RIFLE EVENTS: All shooting will be on the 200yd. rifle range from the bench – all relays are 10 rounds in 10 minutes (max). Targets will be set at 50yds, 100yds, and 200yds, and will be the appropriate type for the distance fired. Events are:


50 yd: adult & junior – iron and optical sights divisions

100 yd: adult & junior – iron and optical sight divisions

200 yd modern rifle precision: adult – iron and optical sight divisions

200 yd modern rifle timed: adult – iron and optical sight divisions

200 yd precision rifle: adult & junior – iron and optical sight divisions

200 yd timed rifle: juniors – iron and optical sight divisions


Only legal sporting rifles will be allowed – any caliber (except no .50BMG or magnums). No

SBR’s, no arm brace guns, no bump stocks, no set triggers, no binary triggers. All relays will be 10 rounds in 10 minutes (maximum).


For competitive shooters with Modern Sporting semi-autos, bring 2 magazines. The course of fire for competitive score will be 2 magazines of 5 rounds for best combined target score (@ 200yds) in the least time. Iron and optical sight classes will be shot. The 50yd and 100 yd firing will be slow fire 10 rounds from the bench for best score in the 10-minute timeframe. Open and optic sight divisions, and 2 Winners (iron & optical sights) each for 50yd and 100yd.


Juniors will shoot at 50 yds. using .22LR only rifles. We will have some novelty targets as well. The junior must be accompanied by a guardian. This is a non-competitive fun shoot.



In addition to the organized Pistol & Rifle events, Archery, Skeet, Trap, 5 Stand, Sporting Clays, Cowboy Action and Black Powder ranges will be open for shooting and/or demonstrations. Non-DSC participants can shoot on these ranges at member rates for the day. Between 9am & noon, prior to the start of the Festival, the Pistol Range will be hosting its monthly .22 Steel Challenge – join us!




·     DSC operates a “Cold” range. All firearms must be unloaded, magazines out/cylinders empty, empty chamber indicator in place;

·     Firearm cased or bagged, except when on a firing line and directed to load by the Range Safety Officer.

·     Please note: DSC DOES NOT ALLOW OPEN CARRY ON THE PROPERTY except when participating in specific shooting events and only at that specific shooting bay. (Arrive and exit with gun cased or bagged). Concealed carry with a CPL is welcomed.

·     Unloaded cased or bagged firearms are to be brought to the firing line and not removed from the case until directed by the Range Safety Officer. When removing the firearm from the case, ensure the muzzle is pointed down range, finger off trigger.

·     Finger off the trigger, except when the gun is on target.


·     All ranges are considered HOT. Eye & ear protection required – brimmed hat covering your face / eyes required.

·     Pistol range allowable calibers: .22LR, 9mm, .32ACP, .38 SPL (+P), .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP.

·     No arm brace guns, SBR’s, set triggers, or binary triggers are allowed.

·     If your carry gun will be used for competition, please inform the Range Safety Officer and follow their instructions for a safe transfer to the bench. Open holster carry will be allowed only at the USPSA Competition Bay.

·     Parking right at the pistol or rifle ranges is limited but there is ample parking close by the ranges.

·     Please take the time to tour the club and see what the DSC has to offer. Bring your shotgun and try any of the clays we offer.

·     Our archery ranges will be open from 10am – 3pm. So if you need a bit of bow sight-in, come early and shoot some arrows.cc

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September 25
12:30 pm - 4:30 pm UTC+0
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