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NRA Cincinnati Revolt (1977)

Today in 1977, membership of the NRA voted out the old board, and changed the direction of the organization #NRA #CincinnatiRevolt #ThoseWhoActChangeTheFuture #GunChannels #GunWebsites #RepealTheNFA #LearnGunHistory

Titan II Missile Museum opened to the public

Titan II Missile Museum Sahuarita, AZ Air Force Facility Missile Site 8 Titan II ICBM Site 571-7 571st Strategic Missile Squadron (SMS) 390th Strategic Missile Wing (SMW) 1963 – became operational November 11, 1982 – 571-7 came off alert February of 1983 – … Continue reading

John Pedersen – Born

May 21, 1881 – May 23, 1951 prolific firearm designer Over 70 patents 1918 - Pedersen device converted a standard Springfield 1903 to a semi-automatic, pistol-caliber 1920s - Pedersen Rifle, T1E3 Competed with M1 Garand to replace 1903 Springfield Remington … Continue reading

M1819 Hall rifle – Patented

M1819 Hall rifle May 21, 1811 - Patented 1819 - adopted by the U.S. Army March 5th, 2013 - State gun of West Virginia  


Saturday, May 21st from 10:00am to 5:00pm SHOOTAH™ After Dark - Presented by AGM Global Vision will be held Saturday evening following SHOOTAH™ daytime activities, May 21st 8pm to 11pm. Limited space available. Engage targets while utilizing night vision and thermal optics. Garth Killpack Shooting Range, … Continue reading


Colorado Gun Collectors Association Gun Show 56th Annual

From Medieval to Revolutionary War, Civil War, Scheutzen, WW1 and WWII 56th Annual Marlin Collectors Association, Ltd. Meeting! The Sharps Collectors Association hold their annual meeting in conjunction with our show and the Colt Collectors have their spring board meeting … Continue reading

The Mingle 2022

2 full days and running 2 live fire classes and 1 classroom presentation We will provide lunch, snacks and water sponsors cover all range fees and ammo to shoot during the HK live fire block !  Pickens County Sportsman's Club … Continue reading