600 Miles – Movie Release (2016)

Yea, I (technically) share a scene on the big screen with #TimRoth in the movie ‘600 Miles’….

And yeah I watched it today for the first time in the theater, sitting next to a guy who spoke a line of dialog in the movie….

But the coolest part, was I got #Paid ($$$) to have a dozen+ of my AKs (& other guns) as props in the movie !!!

Next step, getting a prop credit on the @imdb !!

#600Miles #600Milas #BeenInAMovieNow#MyAKsAreFamous

How many mistakes can you find in this banner?

How many mistakes can you find in this banner? #TacticalQuiz #GunChannels #GunShow #600Miles

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Gun Websites on Modern Marvels (2012)

Modern Marvels
Season 1 Episode 16

My guns are on @netflix !!!
It was around this time of year i found out that my guns are on Netflix, in the episode of Modern Marvels that used my video footage back in 2012 is now on Netflix !!! Does anyone know when I should expect the checks to start rolling in?? #NetflixLife

There we are in the credits (third from the bottom, left column) !! But, whenever I’ve seen the show on television the network is always putting their little popup over our credit

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