Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (1994)

Feb 28, 1994 
Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act
Brady Law, imposing a wait-period to buy a hand-gun, went into effect.

It amended the #1968GCA and imposed a 5-day waiting period for handgun purchases (now gone)

Required a new National Instant Criminal Background Check System
What has this done to prevent crime? “They” create it, they see it’s failure and they demand MORE infringement…. #NICS#BradyBill #GunControl


.223 Day

oday is the day we give attention to our beloved #GopherRound
February 23rd
Feb 23
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Bonus #TacticalQuiz
can you ID whats in this photo?

Hiram Percy Maxim (66) Died

Hiram Percy Maxim
Sept 2, 1869 – Feb 17, 1936 
age 66

* He was the son of Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim, inventor of the Maxim Machine gun

  • Hiram Percy Maxim patented a suppressor for firearms in 1908 Also invented a muffler for gasoline engines.
  • Maxim created the ARRL in 1914 to pass messages via amateur radio, allowing them to travel farther than any single station’s reach.
  • Maxim founded the Amateur Cinema League in 1926#Suppressor #StopTheNoise #QuietLife #CanLifestyle

1911 Patented Today (1911)

1911 was patented on Feb 14, 1911

The 1911 was formally adopted by the Army on March 29, 1911, when it was designated Model of 1911, later changed to Model 1911, in 1917, and then M1911, in the mid-1920s.

The story goes, at the end of 1910, John Browning shot Six thousand rounds from a single pistol over the course of two days. When the gun began to grow hot, it was simply immersed in water to cool it. The Colt gun passed with no reported malfunctions


600 Miles – Movie Release (2016)

Yea, I (technically) share a scene on the big screen with #TimRoth in the movie ‘600 Miles’….

And yeah I watched it today for the first time in the theater, sitting next to a guy who spoke a line of dialog in the movie….

But the coolest part, was I got #Paid ($$$) to have a dozen+ of my AKs (& other guns) as props in the movie !!!

Next step, getting a prop credit on the @imdb !!

#600Miles #600Milas #BeenInAMovieNow#MyAKsAreFamous

How many mistakes can you find in this banner?

How many mistakes can you find in this banner? #TacticalQuiz #GunChannels #GunShow #600Miles

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Laser Gun aboard a 747 Jumbo Jet (2010)

Feb 11, 2010
The US military used a laser gun aboard a Boeing 747 jumbo jet to shoot down a missile near Point Mugu, Ventura County, Ca.
The airborne laser program began in 1996 and has cost billion of dollars.


Sir Hiram Maxim (76) Born

Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim
(Feb 5, 1840 – Nov 24, 1916)

Invented the Maxim Gun
In 1883: the first recoil-operated machine gun

* Father of Suppressor Inventor
** Brother of Smokeless Gun Powder Inventor
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Hudson Maxim (74) Born

Hudson Maxim
(February 3, 1853 – May 6, 1927)
Invented Smokeless Gun Powder (in the USA) in 1890

*Brother of the Machine Gun Inventor
**Uncle of the Suppressor Inventor
***No left hand (he blew it off inventing explosives)